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Maras' Biggest Festival LYUVA KHUTLA 2012 Celebrated in Mizoram

SAIHA, Mizoram, March 8 (Maraland Today) - Lyuva Khutla, the biggest festival among Mara people of Mizoram was celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Saiha, the third largest city in Mizoram on 5th March at Siaha Tlyliah, also known as the District Playground.
Lyuva Khutla Ku (Festival) 2012 Flag
The festival sponsored by Art & Culture Department of Mara Autonomous District COuncil (MADC) was led by Pu Pachi Hlychho, Chairman of the Organising Board. Pu Vabeiha Hlychho, Director of Tourism Department, Gov't of Mizoram graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.
Chief Guest Pu Vabeiha Hlychho, Director of Tourism Deptt. Gov't of Mizoram with MADC Chairman Pu FC Zase on his right and Pu S. Khipo, MADC CEM on his left
The host of the festival Pu Pachi Hlychho, Chairman of the Organising Board speaking at the festival
Opening song presented by singers from Mara Artists Association (Mara Hlasa Py), Saiha

Speaking at the festival, Pu Vabeiha Hlychho said that the central as well as the Mizoram government respect different cultures and practices of its peoples, for this reason they have also sponsored our festivals; therefore, we must also protect and preserve our rich and distinct culture, traditional dances and folk songs.
Lelai Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) Branch Cultural Troupe from East Maraland, Myanmar

Lyuva Khutla 2012 also saw the participation of cultural troupes from outside Saiha town, they are Lelai MTP Branch, East Maraland (Myanmar), Tisi, Chapi, Mawhro, Chheihlu and Saikao who displayed various cultural and traditional dances.
Awkhypa La (Rooster/Cock Dance) performed by Saiha town MTP branch members, in the beginning of the dance

Famous singers from the region Pu A. Chhalai, Pu John Beizachhi Phuto, Vasty T. Azyu, Maraland Idol 2007 J. Ruby, Maraland Idol 2010 Eden T. Azyu and Mizo Idol 2011 Lalthuthaa presented songs in between various items in the programme.
At the climax stage of Awkhypa La (Rooster/Cock Dance).

Young Mizo Association (YMA) members from Meisatla Branch, Saiha also presented Cheraw, Mizos' most popular and famous dance.
 Lyuva Khutla Dizuah (Miss) contest was also held, the winner was announced by Pi K. Pari, Art & Culture Officer, MADC. The winner is Miss H. Caroline, ECM Veng, Saiha.
Photo of Dizuah or Miss Lyuva Khutla 2012 Contestants
Dizuah or Miss Lyuva Khutla 2012 H. Caroline of ECM Vaih, Siaha, Mizoram.

People who have come all the way from outside the town and from various parts of the town participated in Sawlakia, the most famous and popular dance of Mara people; students, members of Mara Young Association (MTP), Mara Women Association (MCHP) also participated in this.
Sawlakia (dance) performed by members of Mara Young Association, Mara Women Association, students from various schools in Saiha town, etc.

In the evening, Art & Culture Deptt of MADC hosted dinner for special invitees at MADC office premises.
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